Tips, Tricks and Tools for Aging

As we age, simple day-to-day tasks become harder. In this post, we go over some tips that you may not have thought of to help you continue to live with confidence.

Please try these techniques first with someone standing by to help in case you have any problems.

Balance while Pulling up your Pants

Ever feel like you’re going to fall forward while pulling up your pants with one hand

because you need to hang onto a bar to keep from falling?

  1. Try standing 6-8 inches from the wall (with a bar to grab nearby).

  2. Spread your feet 8 to 10 inches apart.

  3. Lean your forehead against a wall to keep you steady.

  4. You now have two hands to use to pull up your pants!

Setting the Breaks on a Walker

Does it sometimes feel like your walker moves a little even though you’ve set the breaks?

Try positioning the front wheels so that they aren’t pointing the same way or in the same direction as the back wheels (pointing forward at a 45-degree angle outward is optional).

(You may have to tip and jiggle the walker to get them to move.) Now, when your breaks are locked, the wheels are less likely to slide.

Using a Cane for More

Canes can be useful for more than walking. Try using a cane to:

  • Pull things forward on shelves

  • Close car doors by hooking the cane handle into the door handle and pulling the door towards the car. (Be careful not to pull directly towards yourself as the car door can push the cane into you.)

  • Pull something closed to you by hooking something that’s just out of reach.

Avoiding Slips in the Bathroom