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Program Spotlight: Adult Day Center - Client Interview #1

The Adult Day Center (ADC) at the Walla Walla Senior Center is a place where adults with physical and/or mental impairments can spend time with others in a safe setting. It offers respite care for families and nutritious meals, physical exercise, social engagement, and cognitive games for participants.

We interviewed a few regular clients to give you a glimpse into what this program is all about. For the next 3 months, we will share their thoughts with you. We hope you enjoy hearing from these participants as much as we enjoy having them around!

Participants at the ADC.


Our first interview is with husband and wife William (Bill) Mayberry and Renee Lee. Bill and Renee moved to Walla Walla about two years ago from California. When not at the ADC, they like to go for drives, looking for deer in the mornings. They say that attending the ADC helps them with their mental health. Renee, who likes to help out at the ADC whenever she can, feels that the program gives her a sense of accomplishment.

The ADC program manager, Alex Sanchez, sat down with them to ask about their experience. Here is their story.

How did you hear about the ADC?

RL: I heard about it from a neighbor of ours who gets Meals on Wheels. She said, “go ahead, try it out”. And I also heard about it from my doctor.

Renee posing with the Walla Walla Valley Giving Guide, a non-profit guide that raises money for local organizations (including the Walla Walla Senior Center) during the month of December each year.

What made you want to come to the Center?

WM: To stay busy during the day, meet new people, play games…

RL: To help people and actually help myself so that I’m not home alone. Just to do things - I love being around people and staying busy.

How long have you been a part of the program?

RL: About 5 months, since October, [when the ADC reopened after COVID].

How often do you come to the program?

WM: We try to come Monday through Thursday (every day that the ADC is open).

What is your favorite thing at the ADC?

RL: My favorite thing is being around other people - the staff and other participants.

WM: Playing poker.

Bill playing poker, his favorite thing to do at the ADC.

Do you think the program has helped you since you’ve been here?

RL: Oh, It’s helped me tremendously. It’s helped me be more out of myself. Working with others around me helps me to feel better about myself and it helps me motivate myself. It also teaches me that I can do that for someone else.

WM: It relieves stress, and it’s nice to meet new people and friends.

What does your typical day look like at the ADC?

RL: When I first get here, I get comfortable and take my jacket off and things like that and say hello to everyone. We then relax and talk about what we are going to be doing during the day while we’re here. Then, Richard [an ADC staff member] will read out of the newspaper and we will get educated on things.

After that, of course, we exercise, which I really need. It’s motivating and it’s good exercise. Then, we eat our lunch - it’s very good food here. We socialize and help people out. I volunteer and help to hand the lunches out.

Afterwards is free time so we watch TV, play games, be with each other, teach each other, come up with ideas, play karaoke, things like that.

In the late afternoons we chat and read. I like to ask people where they’re from, things like that. I’m hoping soon, [as the weather gets better], we can go on little walks and get some fresh air.

I really appreciate you guys very much, thank you.

WM: I like having conversations with people and meeting people from different walks of life and learning a lot. That’s what I like. My days are funny - we like to crack jokes. In the afternoons, we also get entertainment from people sometimes [like music groups, for example].

ADC participants enjoying the Center's lunch. A hot meal is served each day.

What would you say to someone that’s considering joining the program?

WM: We would recommend it and we already have. We say to people, “hey, you should go over there. It’s not just Meals on Wheels, they’ve got a program.” And a lot of people don’t realize this place is open.

RL: I would encourage them to come here and let them know that they would be really happy here. If they need any assistance or want to get out of the house, it’s a great place to go. Everybody makes you feel welcome.


Join us again next month for another ADC interview.

If you are interested in joining the Adult Day Center or would like more information, feel free to give us a call at (509) 527-3775 ext. 3. If you’d like to support the Adult Day Center by donating or volunteering, you can contact us at the same number.

You may also be interested in viewing more information on our website:

Or at the official Adult Day Center website:

Thank you for reading!

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