Keeping Your Belongings Straight with Failing Sight

If you find yourself having a harder time seeing things clearly, there are a few things you can do to ensure you're able to make your way around your home and find what you're looking for. As a general rule of thumb, your belongings should always be put back in the same place. This way, instead of having to look for what you're looking for, you know where to find it and can use your other senses to help you.

On the Floor

Move one piece of furniture or other item on the ground at a time and put it back in the same spot. This will help to prevent falls and stumbling over items. This includes pushing in chairs when you are done with them and putting away foot stools.

Keep shoes tucked away in shoe organizers or closets. It's best to keep the same shoe in the same shoe organizer so you are always able to find it.

Use reflective tape on uneven floor surfaces and steps to draw your attention to areas where you need to step more carefully.

On Countertops

Pick up one item at a time and clean it. Clean the countertop under and around where the item was sitting. Replace the item back in the same place and position it exactly as it was.