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Adult Day Center

About the Adult Day Center - Open M-TH 10:30 - 2:30

The Adult Day Center (ADC) was established to provide a safe place for persons requiring care to receive exercise, socialization and activities, while allowing family caregivers to receive the respite they desperately need. Our goal is to work with families, so their loved one is able to stay in their own home, instead of premature or unnecessary placement in a facility. While home care does allow for family members to receive a break, the ADC allows the person requiring care the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy their day with others in similar situations, at a much lower cost. Studies have shown lack of socialization can result in depression and cause skills to decline at an increased rate. 

Every client admitted to the ADC receives several assessments upon admission. Our RN/MSW will administer an Older Adult Resource Survey, a Health assessment, a Mini-Mental and an Activity Assessment. A baseline is set and a care plan is develpoed so our staff can monitor any change in a client's mental or physical health. Vitals are taken monthly and care plans are reviewed every six months.


While we strive to provide services for as many clients as possible, we must remember we are not an Adult Day Health Center and therefore limitations exist as to which clients we may accept. The Program Manager will assess the level of care required to determine if the needs surpass our scope of practice.

Examples of cares we cannot provide

  • Combative or Aggressive Behaviors
  • Individuals with a high risk of elopement.
  • Persons who require more than a pivot transfer (one person).
  • Persons unable to provide self-care for diabetes, colostomy and/or catheters.
  • Individuals unable to feed themselves beyond queuing (encouragement).


Our cost is $60 per day (10:30-2:30) and we provide meals and snacks.  Our clients are billed following the first month of service.

The starting cost for homecare for the same number of hours with no food included starts at over $105. In addition, many home care agencies now require a full month's pay as a deposit prior to the start of service, and the deposit is not returned until all services end. 


Funding may be provided through the VA (for those with VA benefits), Aging and Long Term Care, grant/scholarships, or Private Pay.


If you live within the Walla Walla city limits Dial A Ride is available.


The ADC is a NON-PROFIT organization. We welcome donations to our program, or our Champions Fund, to help those unable to cover cost. 


The ADC is always looking for Volunteers to work with our staff or to provide an activity such as music or arts and crafts. Applications for volunteers wishing to work with our clients are located at the front desk. Individuals wishing to work with clients are required to pass a background check and provide a current TB test. Individuals wishing to donate their time for an activity are asked to contact the Program Manager. 

Contact information about the Adult Day Center

Phone: 509-527-3775 Fax: 509-527-3776
720 Sprague, Walla Walla, WA 99362
E-mail the Adult Day Center